Alternative Rock

Tell Me How You Really Feel

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The Grammy and Brit nominated Courtney Barnett returns with her second album - Tell Me How You Really Feel. It follows her critically acclaimed 2015 debut album Sometimes I Sit And Think And Sometimes I Just Sit , and a recent top 10 collaborative record, 'Lotta Sea Lice', with Kurt Vile. One of the most distinctive voices in music, Courtney is known for mixing witty observations with unflinching ...

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USA EDITION : On BLACK vinyl, with a download code. New 2018 album from the Baltimore dream-pop dependables! Part-produced by Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3), and mixed by Alan Moulder (Ride). Includes "Lemon Glow" and "Dive"....

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Sparkle Hard

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New 2018 album from the sometimes-Pavement frontman, with his backing band! Produced by Chris Funk from The Decemberists. Cameo by Kim Gordon (ex-Sonic Youth). Includes "Middle America". STEPHEN MALKMUS & THE JICKS)...

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High As Hope

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With its heavy-duty distortion, weighty rhythms, and cynical lyrics, Tool is a heavy metal band for the '90s. Rather like Metallica circa ...And Justice for All, the sound is focused heavily on texture, with vocals and guitars layered one atop the other, and heart-pounding drums underlying everything. There's not a whole lot of variety on Tool's second full-length album--most of the songs start of...

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Everything about Tool's fourth album (2001) is an experience, starting with the packaging, which consists of liner credits printed on a translucent plastic sleeve over the CD and a booklet that layers anatomical representations atop one another--the first page pictures musculature and blood vessels; the next, bones; the third, internal organs; and so on. It's worth describing the packaging of Late...

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Vampire Weekend [Vinyl]

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This NY four-piece draw on their diverse backgrounds and interests, experimenting with African guitar music, the Western classical canon, hazy memories of Cape Cod summers, winters in upper Manhattan, and reggaeton. "Equal parts shruggy New York indie strumming and groovy Afro-pop, Vampire Weekend's organ-and-drum runs highlight narratives about relationships, punctuation, and sometimes both" - Sp...

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In Rainbows [Vinyl]

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Arguably their finest album, this follow-up to Opiate showcases Tool at their best, assisted by clean, crisp production, without the muddiness of Aenima. Edgy guitar riffs are complemented by spitting, heavy bass, especially on "Sober" and "Crawl Away". Lyrically, Tool are at their vitriolic best, targeting religious hypocrisy ("Intolerance," "Sober"; always a popular theme), the loss of innocence...

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10,000 Days

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After five long years, the new studio album from Tool is ready. Are you? With just one EP and three album releases over a 15 year span, Tool has created a loyal and even rabid fan base, selling over 10 million albums and half a million videos in the U.S. alone. The first track from Tool's highly anticipated new release will impact the world in April with the album release on May 2nd....

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